Seven Card Stud Rules

Rather than playing with blinds, Seven Card Stud is played with antes. Meaning, each player posts a small bet before the cards are dealt. Five betting rounds make up a hand, with cards being dealt between each round.

The cards are dealt

To begin, the antes are posted and then each player receives three cards, two concealed and one open for the opponents to see. The player with the lowest card showing initiates the first betting round. The choice falls to this player to bet the minimum bet or just the bring-in, usually half the minimum bet.

When the first betting round is finished, a fourth card is dealt face up to each remaining player. At this time the second betting round begins, but contrary to the first round of betting, the player with the best hand showing opens the betting. The player with the strongest hand showing continues to open the betting for all subsequent rounds.

The fifth and sixth cards are then dealt face up, each followed by a betting round. From the third betting round and onwards, the minimum bet is doubled.

7-Card-Stud showdown

The seventh and last card is dealt to each player face down, hidden from the other players, so that each remaining player has seven cards, three hidden and four up cards.
A last betting round takes place and the hand is settled in a showdown, if more than one player remains. The player who can form the best five card poker hand out of his or her seven cards is the winner.

Double bet on fourth street

If a player shows a pair (both up cards have the same value) on the second betting round, a special situation arises. This player may choose to either bet the minimum bet as usual, or to double the minimum bet.