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Online Poker

There are 100,000's of people playing online poker for real money at any given day at any time. When you play online means you play against real people in a a virtual environment. All you need a computer and an internet connection.

Fast growth of internet poker

There are no signs of decline in the ever growing arena of internet poker, which has increased the number of people playing by more than 2000% in the last years. The televised poker shows and the success of online poker player's in big live tournaments are the biggest factors behind the rise in poker's popularity.
One such infamous online poker champion was the win of Chris Moneymaker who qualified through an online satellite for only $39 in the World Series of Poker main event.

There are several advantages of online poker such as accessibility 24/7, speedy game-play, large variety of games, lower rakes, possibility to play at multiple tables, no time and money spent on travels, no tip necessary, and a lot of games at micro-limits.
In contrast, some of the advantages in live play are that it's social, there's the possibility of reading your opponents at the table and the game feeling is more genuine when holding real cards and playing against real opponents.

Learning poker is easy

There is only a small set of rules to get started, which makes poker an easy game to learn. Unlike a more 'rigid' game like chess, poker provides its players with a short term luck factor, encouraging beginners to enjoy playing against experienced players. This may also make it a deceptive game for beginning players as it is a game of skill in which the luck factor evens out over time.

In the end the best players will win the money. Will you be one of them?