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Omaha Rules

Each player receives four hole cards, cards that are hidden from the other players in Omaha, which differs from Texas Hold'em. As the hand proceeds, five cards are dealt face up on the board, becoming community cards for all players to use.

The betting begins

Two players post the small blind and the big blind to begin the hand.

Through four rounds of betting [link to page on betting], the hand develops. When the four hole cards have been dealt, the betting round begins. Next is the flop, three community cards dealt on the board. This begins the second round of betting. After that, a fourth board card is dealt, known as the turn, initiating the third betting round. A final community card is dealt, called the river, allowing the last betting round to be battled out.
If more than one player remains in the hand, there is a showdown and the player with the best poker hand wins the hand.

Omaha showdown

By using exactly two of your hole cards in combination with exactly three board cards, you form the best possible five-card poker hand [link to hand ranking] in the showdown. This is very different from Texas Hold'em making it easily forgotten when starting out in Omaha.
For example, if you hold the ace of hearts and there are four hearts on the board, you do not have a flush! You would need another heart in your hand to go with the ace. If you hold three nines and the fourth comes on the board, you have three of a kind and not four of a kind - since you can only use two of the nines in your hand.