How to Play Poker Online

The traditional poker you may be used to differs somewhat from the poker on the Internet.

Registering at a poker room

To begin playing on an online poker room you must register. You will be faced with the decision of literally hundreds of poker rooms. To assist you in this decision, our poker room reviews are at your discretion.

After you have made your choice, you may begin by downloading their poker client to your computer and registering a poker account with the site.

You will then be asked to provide a screen name, that is, the name that shows up on the screen when you sit down at a table when you register. Try to think of something you can live with for a while as changing names later on is often more or less impossible.


Learning to use the client

Once you have created a poker account, you can go ahead and start playing. Try to play the play money tables first, to get the hang of all buttons and handles that appear in the poker client as a way to get used to the system before you play with real money. You have a restricted amount of time to take your turn when you are playing online poker, so this trial period is beneficial to you. An angry alarm will sound, reminding you of your duties after ten or fifteen seconds. On most sites, if you don't react, your hand is folded.

Setting your personal preferences

Most poker rooms offer a number of settings that let the client customise the sounds and graphics to enhance the experience at the table. For example, to make the different suits more easily distinguishable, you may want to play with a four-colour deck where diamonds are blue and clubs green.

Also accessed through your personal preferences is 'multi-tabling', a completely new concept when playing online poker. This allows you to play at several tables at once.

Depositing cash

A cash deposit to the poker room must be made to play with real money. This can be done a number of ways, most commonly by transferring from bank accounts, using bank cards, and payment services such as Neteller or PayPal.

See our poker room reviews for more details on cash deposit options for each site. And don't forget to use the signup bonuses you find on there!

Customer support

The customer support service offered to the poker room is available to assist you at any time. All serious rooms have a strong support function that you can reach by phone or e-mail, often 24/7.